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I am interested in how liminal spaces host marginal experience and in the differences of opinion regarding the same spaces, depending on the gender and social class of the character.

Space has always been a particularly American concern. From the early Puritans’ belief in American Exceptionalism, to the frontier myth and the expansion of the country’s borders, it has always been an important aspect of the American psyche. This came to light once again in the early part of the twentieth century when population surges and waves of immigrants from around the world led to overcrowding in cities and severe shortages of space in urban environments. These concerns are to be found in the literature of the times, often presenting the cityscape as an area packed with people and busy with industry.


About livesinliminalspaces

I am a PhD candidate in the School of English, whose research focuses on the effect the urban environment and the cityscape has on the behaviour of marginalised characters in the novels from the Twentieth Century.
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