What Have You Done Lately?

So, when my supervisor asks me “What have you been doing lately?” I know that he doesn’t really want to hear that I’ve been teaching myself to turn a heel whilst knitting socks, that I managed to finish said sock successfully, that I’ve made my way through two unremarkable novels, or even that I had a fantastic time socialising at a recent conference. He wants to know whether I’ve been writing recently and if it’s anything good.

This is rather more problematic than it possibly should be- mainly because I’ve fallen prey to the common post grad idea that the longer one waits between submitting work/ having a meeting, means that the work has to be infinetly better than is expected- and by this point one presumes that expectations are high…

As Jorge Cham depicts it:

So, if anyone needs me, I’ll be hunkered down at (or indeed under) my desk trying to work up the courage to hit the “Send” button on my work.


About livesinliminalspaces

I am a PhD candidate in the School of English, whose research focuses on the effect the urban environment and the cityscape has on the behaviour of marginalised characters in the novels from the Twentieth Century.
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