Urban Roof Farms

In the midst of chapter writing, I came across some interesting items about urban spaces. I was very interested to see that the New York Times have an article on green roofs. The idea is similar to the concept of a vertical garden. A green roof is a roof which is covered in plants, which help ease air pollution, reduce the amount of heat in large cities (where roofs are often black), and also help to reduce the amounts of run-off which can put pressure on sewage systems.

I was interested in the fact that “Chicago City Hall uses a blend of mulch, compost and spongy stuff”- one wonders what the “spongy stuff” is comprised of- but it’s wonderful to see civic centres participating in such endeavours. Other roofing options mentioned in the article are white roofs (instead of being covered in black tar, the roof is painted white), blue roofs (to slow the release of rain water) and solar panels. One of the most interesting innovations is the idea of a farm on a roof. The ones outlined in the NYT piece are not grown as a green roof but in barrels raised above the roof.

With the world’s ever increasing population and the pressure that is being put on both food resources and urban spaces, I think that urban gardening and farming is a sustainable way to serve city communities.


About livesinliminalspaces

I am a PhD candidate in the School of English, whose research focuses on the effect the urban environment and the cityscape has on the behaviour of marginalised characters in the novels from the Twentieth Century.
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