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Urban Roof Farms

In the midst of chapter writing, I came across some interesting items about urban spaces. I was very interested to see that the New York Times have an article on green roofs. The idea is similar to the concept of … Continue reading

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Vertical Gardens and Reimagining Spaces

An interesting idea that’s been becoming popular in urban planning is that of vertical gardens. Gardens are planted above traffic on plinths, or on walls to create a solid green space in an area in which space is at a premium. … Continue reading

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A Pedestrian Friendly Zone

I read an article in The New York Times from the 13th of February which got me thinking. The article is about a movement in Denver, Colarado, which is encouraging people to rediscover the joy of walking about one’s city. WalkDenver is … Continue reading

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Language in Erdrich & Yezierska

In the last few days, I’ve been thinking about why certain words and phrases are used in literature, and not others. I’ve been particularly considering the inclusion of foreign languages being included into novels. Two of the authors I’ve chosen … Continue reading

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Letters from America Public Seminar

I really enjoyed the public seminar that was held in the Lewis Glucksman Gallery in UCC this evening. My fellow PhD Candidate, Miranda Corcoran, was part of the panel discussing the ongoing influence of American culture and politics. There were … Continue reading

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Liminal Lives on Screen

The opening documentary of the 2010 Cork Film Festival was “A Good Day to Die”. Directed by David Mueller and Lynn Salt, it gives a fascinating account of the life of Dennis Banks who co-founder the American Indian Movement (AIM). … Continue reading

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Hello world!

I am interested in how liminal spaces host marginal experience and in the differences of opinion regarding the same spaces, depending on the gender and social class of the character. Space has always been a particularly American concern. From the … Continue reading

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