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An “Uneasy Exchange”?

A couple of months ago, I cam across articles online which discussed the appropriation of Native American symbols and patterns into mass-made clothing and accessories. Specific attention was centred on the Navajo Nation’s cease-and-desist letter to Urban Outfitters, who had … Continue reading

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Sovereignty vs. Justice

I came across an interesting discussion in the New York Times regarding tribal sovereignty and racial justice recently. The article is based around the on-going issue arising from the Cherokee Nation’s attempt to remove the  Freedmen (descendants of black slaves) from … Continue reading

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Language in Erdrich & Yezierska

In the last few days, I’ve been thinking about why certain words and phrases are used in literature, and not others. I’ve been particularly considering the inclusion of foreign languages being included into novels. Two of the authors I’ve chosen … Continue reading

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Louise Erdrich novels

Recently finished reading Louise Erdrich’s Tales of Burning Love again, and saw a resemblance between Gerry Nanapush and Leonard Peltier which was not something I’d noticed the first time I read the novel a year ago. However, having had the … Continue reading

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