Writing, Blogging and Vlogging?

In the last few days, I’ve been considering whether blogging counts as an academic exercise. I think it does, as there are many wonderful academic blogs such as Pue’s Occurrences and Ireland After NAMA but the idea prompted me to search a bit online for other ideas. I attended the day-long symposium Honest to Blog last March and enjoyed it immensely. It certainly prompted me to begin blogging in a more dedicated manner although I took a little while longer to actually resume blogging.

I’m curious now if academics will begin to venture into the Vlogging territory at any point, as academic blogging is slowly gaining credence, and people are more familiar with the Ferris Bueller style of addressing the audience directly. I can’t see if happening very soon, but think it would be interesting to try at some point.

I found some interesting articles online about writing in general that were published in the last week or so.  There were a great many articles about blogging and about academic writing, not to mention the hundreds of articles dedicated to creative writing, but they all agreed that in order to write well, one must write often.

These are my favourite articles from those I came across:
Tired of Writing for No Money:

The Academic Minute on “why we write”:

Blogging as an Academic Activity:  http://explorationsofstyle.wordpress.com/2011/06/01/blogging-as-an-academic-activity/


About livesinliminalspaces

I am a PhD candidate in the School of English, whose research focuses on the effect the urban environment and the cityscape has on the behaviour of marginalised characters in the novels from the Twentieth Century.
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2 Responses to Writing, Blogging and Vlogging?

  1. Zoe says:

    Great links! I came here via Maeve’s blog. I’ve been thinking about this recently as although my own blog is more generally termed a ‘lifestyle’ blog, I’m not quite sure that i’m comfortable with all that such a tag suggests. I like to blog every now and then on more meaty topics, sometimes related to my degree, sometimes not. It makes me wonder then, should i include my blog on a professional CV. I’m bookmarking these links to read later!

    • Thanks, am glad you like the links!

      Labels are hard, even when they’re self-applied! I think it can be a difficult line to walk, especially mixing personal and professional. I’m not sure about how I feel about it myself yet.
      Thanks for commenting.

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